Guidelines for New Sod

Note: these are basic guidelines, please call for more details or specific questions.

  • Site Preparation

    Ideally you want to start with clean moist soil. Most sod varieties will root through dead weeds, shell, sugar sand and crusted soils but special care must be taken during establishment.

  • Watering

    Water requirements are entirely dependent on weather and site conditions. There is no universal rule. In the winter new sod could require as little as one watering per day or less, during the summer it may need three soakings per day, all depending on the soil type and location.

    The most important thing is to keep the ground and the roots of the new sod moist. When grass blades begin to curl and lose color the sod needs water.

  • Mowing

    We recommend you do not mow new sod for at least two weeks and longer during cool weather. When you do, start at your mowers highest setting. As a general rule you never want to remove more than a third of the leaf blade.

  • Fertilization

    Do not fertilize new sod for at least three weeks. Once you do, use a balanced slow release blend such as 16-4-8 three to four times per year.

  • Insect Control

    Immediate pest prevention treatment is a must. Contact your local county extension agent for guidelines or hire a competent pest control company.