Why Sula Sod
Why Sula Sod

Sod Delivery & Other Services: A Cut Above The Rest

Quality Turf

Our turf is lush, healthy, and free from pests. Good sod features a dense network of roots, and the grass on top is green and thick.

D.O.T Certified

Our drivers are DOT-certified for safety, and we operate all our equipment courteously and professionally. 

Erosion Control

Since our sod is so healthy, it puts down roots quickly. Where you once may have had erosion problems, you’ll now have an established lawn in no time. 


If your commercial outdoor spaces need a little sprucing up, call Sula Sod. We can tackle the most complex commercial installations with ease. 


Sula Sod has the know-how and the equipment required to install a beautiful, perfect lawn at your home. Whether you need a whole new lawn or just a little section, we can help.

Locally Owned

Since we’re local to New Smyrna Beach, we’re your neighbors. We care about making New Smyrna Beach a great place to live, and that includes installing excellent turf for outstanding curb appeal.

Delivery & Installation Available

We take the stress out of sod installation! You can order your sod and service of choice, then enjoy all the benefits of professional sod delivery and installation from the comfort of your couch.


Sula Sod has earned its reputation for being a trusted provider of sod services by serving the local community for over 20 years.

Experienced Team

Throughout our careers, our professionals have provided top quality sod products and sod installation to both residential and commercial properties.

Excellent Customer Service

We accept each job with the intent to turn every customer into a member of the Sula Sod family for life! Don't believe us? Just check out our wide array of 5-star reviews!

Locally Grown Sod

Florida landscapes require sod that can withstand our unique climate. We specialize in local sod types that are sure to suit your specific application.

Affordable Pricing

Brown grass got you down? You shouldn't have to break the bank just to enjoy lush, green grass again! Sula Sod's solutions are all affordably priced.